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When awareness is brought to an emotion, power is brought to your life.

Tara Meyer Robson

Being aware of emotions means understanding your feelings and giving them meaning as to what it is and why possibly are you feeling them.

How is awareness a power?

Emotions define us. They make us who we are. The way we think, perceive things, maintain relationships, make decisions, opt for choices, pursue our careers, etc., are all driven (may or may not be 100%) by our emotions.

Now, imagine if you are aware of all this – why do you do what you do? Why can you not (or can) adjust in certain situations? Why you made certain decisions & how will they impact your life?

It’s like predicting emotions…in advance! You know what feelings will lead to what actions, and that’s all we need to survive this life. This clarity will help you sort your life and actions in unimaginable ways. This is the power of emotional awareness!

How can you build emotional awareness?

  • Make a habit of noting at least one emotion in a day. Excitement, peace, happiness, sadness, anger, nervousness, relaxation, or any other emotion you felt in a day, make a note of what you felt, what the event was, and why you felt so.
  • Identify the intensity of the emotion. How strongly you felt that emotion? Was it good or bad? How long did it last?
  • Give an expectation v/s reality check. Were your emotions as you expected in the event? What made those emotions so crucial in those moments? Could you have managed it any other way?
  • Observe your body language. When we go through high emotions, our body reciprocates as well. For example, our cheeks turn red when we feel shy. We sweat when we are nervous. Breathing gets faster when we panic, etc. All these signs tell us about our emotions.
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