emotion and reason difference. Quote by Donald Calne.
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Emotion and Reason | Donald Calne quotes.

The essential difference between emotion and reason is that emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusions.

Donald Calne

The confusion between emotion and reason often arises because they influence each other and are subjective and personal.

Emotions impact our reasoning process, leading to biased or distorted thinking. Likewise, reasoning influences our feelings, shaping our emotional responses based on logical considerations.

Either way, we always will end up in trouble!

Emotion and Reason – Understanding the difference!

Let’s take an example. While purchasing a car – you might have an emotional attachment to a specific brand, but reason tells you that a different car offers better value for your budget.

What would be your decision here? Going by emotions will make you regret later, and the logical reason isn’t making you happy!

What to do?

It’s important to recognize the interplay between emotions and reason, have self-awareness, and reflect on our biases to navigate this confusion.

In our example, you may invest your time researching different options and taking test drives to weigh the emotional appeal against practical considerations!

Whenever it comes to working with emotions, no knowledge is enough. The more you have, the better you can take charge.

Surbhi Mahnot
Surbhi Mahnot

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