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Webinar: Mind mapping for communicating when delegating

Mind mapping for delegation webinar

In this webinar, I talk about how mind mapping can be used for communicating when delegating. I briefly cover the skills that are equally important for delegation and also, how delegation levels help decide the type of communication required

Communication is not just to tell someone to do something. It is much more. It involves speaking, listening, writing and collaboration skills

What is Delegation?

Delegation is the assignment of any responsibility or authority to another person to carry out specific activities. Sounds simple, right? But it is not. It is the core concept of management and leadership. In spite of that, managers and leads struggle with it because of the related blockers.

Effective Delegation Mind Map –

Delegation Skills

The right skills play a key role in effective delegation such as:

Levels of Delegation

Delegation levels decide the amount of freedom that you can pass on to the other person. As a manager or lead, you should know about the work that you want to delegate & your team members’ abilities well. In this webinar, we will explore the following five levels of delegation:

Watch the full webinar here to learn more about delegating, the process, and the skills for communicating, all through mind mapping

Download the mind map to start practicing delegation now. It is published on MindMeister and is free for your individual use and education purposes. Please do not use it for any commercial purposes

Additionally, read this post to understand the 6-step simple delegation process. It also explains how to bring the template as mentioned above into action

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