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Thank you for considering to support!

Your small contribution will make a big difference to me!

I started my blog very recently and am working full-time on it. I decided not to join a job to channel all the efforts towards my dream project only – this blog, And I need your support. Your contribution, big or small, will help me run this blog.

It is straightforward to start a blog; I also did. But, if you want to work on it full-time, it requires a lot of effort regarding time and money. It isn’t free! It involves a lot of subscriptions and admin work charges for me. Tbh with you, here is a glimpse of it:


  • The domain name and hosting plan charges.
  • Office 365 subscription to produce the best MS excel tools & templates and MS word for content writing.
  • MindMeister subscription to generate mind maps.
  • Trello subscription for all my planning and Trello templates for you.
  • Canva subscription, which I use to create all my images/videos/designs.
  • And some other small subscription plans.

Admin work:

  • I outsourced my admin work to look after the site’s maintenance and design.
  • And everything technical

Presently, I am managing to run this site with my savings, but yes, I will need some financial help in the long run. I want to grow its reach, create more tools on different platforms, offer workshops, and more!

If you find the content valuable, if I can help you through my content, please consider giving whatever you feel is appropriate.

It’s a straightforward process. You can pay through your credit card or PayPal. I’ll bear the processing fee or conversion charges since I run this blog from India. For now, you can pay in USD.

Why am I requesting your support?

As of date, your contribution is the only mean of income for this blog. I do not run ads as I am skeptical about it – in terms of the reading experience. If I can find a way later to put some without disturbing my readers, I will try them in the future. But I am not in favor. I believe in building relationships this way where I write; you read and help because of the value the content added for you!

Also, I look forward to expanding the work scope with workshops and products to purchase, but that’s for the future.

I write all the content on this blog. There is no paid content or random content out of the scope of this blog. I’ll ensure it’ll always remain this way only.

The content remains free always for all my readers irrespective of your contribution. It is and will always be a personal website only.

What you’ll get of it?

Great content as always.

Added to it, I am thinking of putting an email for all my readers to highlight the supporters – gratitude. Also, on the blog itself as a token of thank you. But, it will need some thought process and time for me to implement it. Open for feedback here; let me know if you have better suggestions.

Again, thanks for showing interest and reading!

Your small contribution will make a big difference to me!