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Thank you for considering to support!

Your small contribution will make a big difference to me!

I am working full-time on it. I decided not to join a job to channel all the efforts towards my dream project only – this blog, And I need your support. Your contribution, big or small, will help me run this blog.

It is straightforward to start a blog; I also did. But, if you want to work on it full-time, it requires a lot of effort regarding time and money. It isn’t free! It involves a lot of subscriptions and admin work charges for me. Tbh with you, here is a glimpse of it:


  • The domain name and hosting plan charges.
  • Office 365 subscription to produce the best MS excel tools & templates and MS word for content writing.
  • MindMeister subscription to generate mind maps.
  • Trello subscription for all my planning and Trello templates for you.
  • Canva subscription, which I use to create all my images/videos/designs.
  • And some other small subscription plans.

Admin work:

  • I outsourced my admin work to look after the site’s maintenance and design.
  • And everything technical

Presently, I am managing to run this site with my savings, but yes, I will need some financial help in the long run. I want to grow its reach, create more tools on different platforms, offer workshops, and more!

If you find the content valuable, if I can help you through my content, please consider giving whatever you feel is appropriate.

Again, thanks for showing interest and reading!

Your small contribution will make a big difference to me!