How to practice delegation with this simple tool!

practice delegation with Mind map
Delegation Tracker Mind Map by The Blog Relay with MindMeister

Delegation tracker is a simple tool to help you practice delegation in the most simplest & engaging way. It is an essential leadership skill, and it does require practice to master it. It requires some effort to decide which tasks you need to delegate and which you need to do by yourself. Then, for someone to work, you need to assign some authority to their role & provide the support they might require

Though it sounds like a lot of work, it won’t seem tedious with continued practice. With this tool. you can certainly derive benefits of delegation in your daily work lives & career growth

Why to practice with this tool?

  • Firstly, it helps you create SMART/SMARTER tasks, which leave no room for confusion or missed requirements
  • Secondly, practicing with this tool will make you learn how to define responsibility & accountability for the tasks
  • Measuring the work this way gives an added benefit to define clear KPIs & provide quantitative feedback
  • As a leader/manager, you can also visualize the team members’ workload of delegated tasks

What you’ll download?

Your zip package consists of following files:

  • MS Excel template. You can create as many copies as you want & keep the template intact
  • MindMeister mindmap template. You can create your own copy by signing up with MindMeister

Template Details

  • Software: MS Excel, MindMeister
  • Version: v1.0
  • Language: English
  • Licensing: This template is meant for educational purposes only. DO NOT sell/modify/re-distribute for any commercial or other purposes

Additional Resources

We have covered it all for you. It’s time to practice now. Download the delegation tracker template now!

Surbhi Mahnot

Surbhi Mahnot

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