RT#2 – Why self-awareness at work?

In today’s relay thoughts, we talk about self-awareness at work

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Self-awareness is one of the key principles of emotional intelligence (EI). In general, we infer that EI, emotions, etc. holds importance in personal lives. But, they are equally significant in our work lives too

Your IQ gets you a job; your EQ brings success to that job

Surbhi Mahnot


  1. Self-awareness encourages you to be more confident at the work you do. Either to take pride in your work or to confront people when they are wrong
  2. When you can take charge of your emotions, work woes won’t give you stress. It gives you a choice to opt-out from surface-acting and relate better with your team
  3. Self-awareness brings perspectives to your understanding, which is an essential leadership requirement. If you can broaden your outlook, you can have more healthy discussions
What are Relay Thoughts?

Relay Thoughts is a series focusing on those little trivial things that can really make a ‘big difference’ in your daily routine. It’s an attempt to give you a break from the bigger picture to focus on the simplest (maybe obvious) yet important thoughts

Reading these will certainly give you food for thought. No cap!

Surbhi Mahnot

Surbhi Mahnot

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