RT#4 – How to define a winning attitude in life

In today’s relay thoughts, we talk about how to define a winning attitude in life.

We all want to win in every race of life, don’t we?

Sometimes we are able to win other times we aren’t able to meet our expectations.

Some people sail through difficult times while others get lost with time

Some people resist failures, while others embrace it

Ever wondered why? Why some people always keep going ?

It’s their attitude that makes them stand out – the winning attitude that defines their actions and life!

how to define a winning attitude in life
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Who is a winner? A person who keeps going on no matter he/she gets success or failure!

How I define a winning attitude in life

A winner’s attitude pushes a person to:

  • Learn from failures
  • To step out of their comfort zone to experience new things, no matter how much success or achievements you have already made
  • Always have perseverance and humbleness
  • Change the outlook from problems to challenges

Where do you stand in life?

  • Pool1: Low-vibe, negative outlook, waiting for others to help you? Or
  • Pool2: High-vibes, optimistic outlook, and ready to take on your life to the next level on your own?

It can be harder than others for you if you belong to Pool1 but you ought to try! The Winning Attitude by John C. Maxwell is an amazing read to explore more

The road to success isn’t easy. There will be many troubles but many opportunities also. Only your attitude can help you look at the bright side!

Surbhi Mahnot
What are Relay Thoughts?

Relay Thoughts is a series focusing on those little trivial things that can really make a ‘big difference’ in your daily routine. It’s an attempt to give you a break from the bigger picture to focus on the simplest (maybe obvious) yet important thoughts

Reading these will certainly give you food for thought. No cap!

Surbhi Mahnot

Surbhi Mahnot

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