RH#3 – How templates can boost productivity?

This relay hack aligns with productivity boost with templates for our routine tasks

Use templates to boost productivity
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Templates serve as a baseline to begin any work and ensure a structured and coherent working style

Why create templates?

Because templates take the most time-consuming part of work off your table to let you focus on the core task itself! They also:

  • Bring consistency to work
  • Add flexibility to change instead of starting from scratch every time and,
  • Ensure minimum omission of information – either crucial or as simple as adding a signature at the end of every email
  • Jumpstart to work
  • Change at one place, & it’s updated everywhere
  • Helps in defining processes

Example templates for the productivity boost

  • Outline document: For every blog that I write, there is a process: blog title, outline, intro, summary, footer, etc. Similarly, you can have templates for all the processes of your project. Check our delegation process template
  • Checklists: for predefined steps such as blog publish the checklist, wedding planning checklist, etc.
  • Email templates: My day doesn’t end without a few emails! Email signatures, vacation responder, acknowledgment, thank you, and many more email templates can be great time savers

WordPress themes, layouts, printables, to-do planners, etc., are all different types of templates only. All the common things, yet the most important ones to get started, can be put as templates. Explore our templates section to find the best for you!

There are many day-to-day tasks that we do on a repeat basis or with some variations. We don’t need to re-invent the wheel every time we do the same work. Templates help!

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What is Relay Hacks?

Relay Hacks focus on providing insights & tips by suggesting alternate ways (may or may not be common) to maximize efficiency. These are short articles (1-2 mins read) to make a point clearly.

I hope you enjoy reading this series & it does make a difference to you, in a good way!

Surbhi Mahnot

Surbhi Mahnot

Surbhi Mahnot is the owner of this blog. She works as a Management Consultant with businesses to set up processes, and coordinate as Project Manager to help develop IT solutions. Travelling, reading, and shopping are her core interest besides work. Surbhi is available for consultant projects full-time, part-time, or remote work

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