RH#2 – Why to say NO at work?

This relay hack aligns with one of the most common difficulties at work: the power to say NO

why to say no at work
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Fear of missing out (FOMO) is the real reason we quickly say Yes to everything thrown at us at work. Fear of not getting a promotion, fear of being considered nasty, fear of being rude, etc. it can be anything!

Why say NO?

To say Yes to things that matter

  • To save our time
  • For a healthy mental being
  • To grow in a career & personal lives

Examples of saying NO at work

We don’t want to be the person who says NO always, but we can learn to find our chances & save ourselves. There are ways to make your NO sound like a Yes (*with t&c)!

Situation 1: When your boss calls you and assigns a new project in addition to your current workload. You feel like screaming & telling him no, but…

How to say NO: Thank you! I am glad you considered me for this opportunity. Though I have a few questions:

  • Now, shall I drop my existing tasks and shift focus to this new assignment?
  • Since all this work (existing + new) is on priority, can we rope in new team members? Otherwise, I’ll have to re-shuffle priorities

Situation 2: You are the team lead, and it is expected from you always to be approachable to the team. Your team translates this differently. If you sit next to the team, they directly come to your desk as & when they have a question. If you connect remotely, they keep pinging you multiple times a day. Though you feel irritated by this continued behavior as it distracts you from your work, you also don’t want to sound rude

How to say NO: Block your calendar time for an hour or so every day to address your team queries. Since you’ll block the time on the calendar, you won’t be answerable for your unavailability for other work also. You can then request your team members to keep a note of all the queries till the session

Situation3: You are overloaded, mentally tired but cannot bring yourself to stop

How to say NO: Because everybody, including your boss, loves a healthy mind

  • Fix your work start time & end time. Use apps to remind you.
  • Understand the priority for your family & friends. This will help you balance your work time too!

Practice this hack to realize how a simple no can bring balance to your work-life

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What is Relay Hacks?

Relay Hacks focus on providing insights & tips by suggesting alternate ways (may or may not be common) to maximize efficiency. These are short articles (1-2 mins read) to make a point.

I hope you enjoy reading this series & it does make a difference to you in a good way!

Surbhi Mahnot

Surbhi Mahnot

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