RH#4 – Fewer decisions, more productive day: How to overcome decision fatigue

This relay hack is about how to overcome decision fatigue and how fewer decisions can help you be more productive. The lesser the decisions you have to make for a day, the more you can focus on the actions.

fewer decisions to overcome decision fatigue
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Too many decisions in a day can exhaust your brain and drain all the mental energy, also known as decision fatigue. The more choices you make throughout the day, the harder it becomes for the brain to provide the right solutions.

Making fewer decisions doesn’t mean that you should ignore it. The hack is to reduce the number of decisions you make in a day.

How to make fewer decisions for a productive day?

1. Put your routine on autopilot, if any

Automate the tasks that have a set format and don’t change in nature. For example:

  • Use an app to pay electricity bills every month automatically.
  • Schedule a team meeting on a specific day every week.

These types of tasks are not of high importance, but on a given day, there are many such routine tasks for which we keep making small decisions.

2. Create a routine, if not

Getting into a routine can considerably reduce decision-making on everyday tasks that we do. For example:

  • A routine for the gym instead of deciding every day to go or not go.
  • Following a weekly meal plan instead of choosing a menu each time
  • Practice preparing your office clothes before you go to bed, etc.

3. Make important decisions in the morning (or the time your brain is most active)

Research suggests that morning time is the best time to focus on all critical and intense work. Utilize this block to make decisions that can impact your life, routine, career, goals, etc. For example:

  • The decision to switch jobs.
  • Finding a house.
  • Evaluating employee performance.

Batch your decisions just like you would want to batch your tasks for productivity.

4. Delegate decisions that are not too specific for you

Decisions which you don’t mind others taking for you, delegate them. For example:

  • Delegate the decision for your next travel plan to your spouse or friends, or family.
  • Let your client decide the place where he/she wants to meet you for a discussion.
  • Ask your team member to determine the deadline of the task he/she is responsible for.

5. Stop going back and analyzing each choice

Stop second-guessing all your decisions- you’ll regret only for the time it wastes.

If you feel overwhelmed, without energy, drained out, or irritable at the end of the day you might be dealing with decision fatigue.

Give yourself fewer options to make your life a bit easy. Make fewer decisions to overcome decision fatigue for a day and see the difference in your productivity and mental energy.

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I hope you enjoy reading this series & it does make a difference to you in a good way!

Surbhi Mahnot

Surbhi Mahnot

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