Webinar: Requirements engineering with mind maps

Requirements Engineering Mind Map

This Biggerplate PRO webinar showcases how to visualize, better track, and manage requirements engineering (RE) process with mind maps. Also, learn how to start with use cases, user stories and UML diagrams with mind mapped requirements

Projects are becoming more and more complex with teams also working globally. People of so many domains such as executives, SMEs, managers, technical teams, QA teams, the marketing team have to work collaboratively. It has become a challenge to record, communicate, track, and manage the ever-changing requirements

Nobody wants to read lengthy documents, yet it always requires an approval and agreement on requirements document

Requirements Engineering is the process of defining, documenting, and maintaining the requirements. It involves the following activities:

  1. Requirements Elicitation – This process involves preparing a scope for the project
  2. Requirements Analysis – It details the project features and functionalities
  3. Requirements Specification – This involves documenting all the identified requirements. For instance, Wireframes, SRS, FRS, etc.
  4. Requirements Validation – These steps involve checking requirements quality on various scales. Read to learn more about quality requirements
  5. Requirements Management – Managing all the activities during the entire project lifecycle. For instance change management, requirements tracking, release, etc.

You can view the mind map here on MindMeister

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