Relay Mixx – Short & Focused Content

Introducing Relay Mixx – ©theblogrelay

Relay Mixx emphasizes bite-sized learning. These are short series that are hard-hitting and have straight-to-point content to grasp quickly.

Because sometimes shorter is sweeter!

relay thoughts

Relay Thoughts is a series focusing on those little trivial things that can really make a “big difference” in your daily routine. That is to say, it gives you a break from the bigger picture to focus on the simplest (maybe obvious) yet important thoughts

To make you wonder!

This series shares an outlook on powerful and inspiring quotes. The short descriptions about how you can translate a quote in your work life or personal life make it special. Because knowledge is best when it can be adopted in our own version!

To keep you motivated!

relay quotes

relay hacks

Relay Hacks focus on providing insights and tips by suggesting alternate ways (may or may not be common) to maximize efficiency. Although these are short articles (1-2 mins read), they do make a point clearly

To make you smarter!