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Presentations have always been a standard way to represent the core aspects, values, and aesthetics to create an overall impression. With social sharing and collaborative working trends, new ways are getting popular to create presentations for the modern web. Nowadays, some important presentations are shown on the organization’s website itself to gather more business or to create an online portfolio

HTML5 provides a great way to build beautiful presentations and integrate it seamlessly with any online content. HTML5 templates powered with JavaScript, CSS, 2D/3D transitions and animations turn out to be powerful package to create smart presentations

  • The presentations are saved online or as a developer, you can also host the presentation on a URL within the company’s network
  • It becomes very easy to share
  • Beautiful transitions and smooth animations make them stand out
  • Gives a fresh feeling with an altogether different way of presenting the content
  • The presentations are responsive! It can be viewed easily on either a mobile, tablet, or PC. The presentations are also touch-optimized

There are many frameworks available to create great HTML5 presentations. Here are some of the best frameworks (works for me at least!)


My personal favorite. It is a framework that provides unique slideshow and customization from colors to backgrounds and slide positions. I personally have used it recently using – a suite of modern presentation tools

presentations for modern web - reveal.js


One of the most impressive presentation framework based on CSS3 transforms and transitions in modern browsers with creative functionalities. There are a lot of online tools available to make beautiful presentations using impress.js such as

Check here to see a complete list of authoring tool on impress.js GitHub page

presentations for modern web - impress.js


An HTML framework that includes pre-made templates and API support for extensions. It also allows tweaking themes and hacking extensions or just write something of your own for your own type of customization. Check the list here for a complete set of tools and extensions available

presentations for modern web - deck,js


A presentation framework utilizing the full power of JavaScript, jQuery-powered JavaScript with abilities with the mouse, keyboard, and scroll-bar navigations. It also provides a custom API to create your unique interfaces

web presentation - fathom.js


An HTML presentation framework with ability to transform a single HTML page into a presentation

web presentation - DZSlides

Click here for a list of other HTML5 presentation frameworks


Explore your web development experience and use HTML, JS and CSS skills to create beautiful presentations for the modern web within minutes


You can also use online editors that assist you to create these presentations without writing a single line of code

Please share all the cool presentations that you have made using any of these or other presentation frameworks

Surbhi Mahnot

Surbhi Mahnot

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